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Friday, December 26
Clark's Clintonian Clarification

A few days ago I said that, standing in front of the roulette wheel, I'd put my chips on "Dean is lying" regarding the whole VP "yes you did, no I didn't" childishness.

But Peter Schramm over at No Left Turns is reporting that Clark had the following exchange on CNN: [CNN asks: "Did Howard Dean offer you the vice-presidential slot?" Clark: "It depends what you mean by offered."] Unfortunately, Peter can't remember more details. But if this is true, this is a major climb down on Clark's part. It suggests that the two positions may not be wholly irreconcilable -- candidate Dean may have had a conversation with not-yet-candidate Clark, whereby Dean attempts to dissuade Clark from making the race and also makes some noises that Clark infers to mean a VP offer. The non-explicit nature of the offer leaves room for deniability.

But Dean is by no means off the liar's hook if this is true. For why couldn't Dean agree that they had such a conversation but that Clark misunderstood him when he said "X." Instead it's a pat denial. So I guess I'd still bet on Dean is lying, but with different odds.

Much more alarming about "it depends what you mean by offered" is the self-amusement of celebrating the previous president's most reprehensible, and inevitably most historically mocked, moment. Was he trying to be funny?

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