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Monday, December 8
Disaster averted. . . for now

U.N. Control of Web Rejected. The question has been tabled for further study by a committee. Hopefully, this is diplo-speak for "the question is effectively dead until there's a compelling reason for the West to reconsider."

Great quotes:

The draft declaration to be issued at the end of the conference Friday also includes strong references to freedom of the press and freedom of information online, despite protests by Vietnam and China, which pushed for more restrictions. [Cue Cyndi Lauper: "I see your true colors, shining through, I see your true colors. . . "]


Major differences remain between developed countries and African countries led by Senegal over the creation of a "global digital solidarity fund." ["Global digital solidarity fund" sounds better than "techno-welfare for Third World despots."]


But in the end, one Latin American ambassador said, "No one wanted to challenge the real power of the private sector of the rich countries." [You mean Howard Dean was there?]

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