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Thursday, December 11
The future is now

I know, I've been quiet. The Firm's been kicking my heiney in for a few days. Not my fault.

One internal debate I've long struggled with is whether Europe represents the past or the future. On one hand, in terms of technology (backward), manners (pleasantly traditional), and cultural attitudes (e.g., chilling old school anti-Semitism), Europeans are a blast from the past. But on the other hand, they also represent the terrifying future of secular materialist society, where lifeless souls pass from cradle to grave without want, but also without ambition or achievement or pride or God. Contentment, but a sort of joyless contentment. Welcome to "Brave New World." And I think: this would be America if the Democrats had their way. Tell me I'm wrong. I bet you can't with a straight face.

Anyway, this story struck me as the future of on-going efforts to scrub God out, not just from the state, but from everyday life itself:

French Panel Backs School Ban of Head Scarves. The ban applies to yarmulkes and crucifixes as well. Here are some great quotes showing that our French "allies" are through-the-looking-glass on issues of human separateness and personal freedom:

On a visit last week to Tunisia, Chirac told high school students that wearing a veil in France was seen as "a sort of aggression."


"Muslims must understand that secularism is a chance for Islam," Stasi said. "Secularism is the separation of church and state, but it is also the respect of differences."

Tell me, how do you reason with people possessing such an Orwellian mentality?
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