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Wednesday, December 3
Kerry should go back to having no ideas at all

Kerry eyes Clinton as potential Mideast envoy.

It gets better -- Jimmy Carter is also an option! From the article:

"There are a handful of uniquely qualified Americans I would consider appointing — President Carter, President Clinton or, in the interests of bipartisanship, James Baker," he said.

You know what? Even the James Baker idea is a bad one. Put aside that Elder Bush's best friend and W's field marshal during the Florida controversy will probably not be doing many favors for John Kerry. Yes, Jim Baker is pretty much the gold standard of GOP politics, and the closest thing modern conservatives have to an heir to The Wise Men. But he is also cozy with the Saudis and otherwise a product of the Old Ways. He is, in short, September 10th. And Kerry's invocation of his name (not to mention the two others) says alot about his (but not exclusively his) inability to admit or appreciate how much the world has changed.
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