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Sunday, December 14
Of course, it's not such great news for terrorist and tyrant-sympathizers

Arabs share little of world joy over Saddam capture. And the Palestinians are particularly distraught. You know what I love about the Arabs in these stories decrying Saddam's capture? None of them live in Iraq. Contrast their reaction with: Iraqi journalist cries for joy at Saddam's capture. He was not alone. And you should have seen the spontaneous celebration among the Iraqi writers and photographers after Paul Bremer's "We got him." Andrew Sullivan even found pictures of the celebration which the coffee-house rats in Cairo are so sure could not be happening.

British MP, noted friend and bribee of Saddam, is keeping a stiff upper lip, saying that "this will not stop the Iraqi resistence."

And be on the lookout for Democrats and the media trying to perpetually change the definition of success. As stated by MSNBC's Tom Curry:

As Kerry's and Dean's comments indicated, some early Democratic reaction took the form of “Yes, this is good news but Bush still has not…” then Democrats will fill in the blank, by arguing that Bush has not yet:

Provided a definite timeline of withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq.

Created the conditions for stable government in Iraq.

Found weapons of mass destruction that Saddam’s regime was thought to have in the run-up to war, the weapons that provided the reason for toppling him.

Killed or captured Osama bin Laden.

Rendered al Qaida no longer a threat to America and other countries.

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