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Wednesday, December 17
Terry McAuliffe: Class Act

DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe took a page right out of the Clinton book of class, visiting a New Hampshire high school civics course and delivering an obnoxious, anti-Bush tirade:

After requesting to visit the school, Terry McAuliffe was allowed by Principal Forrest Ransdell to come to teach what the principal believed to be social studies classes on democracy and the political process. However, several city officials are livid over what they say turned into a biased Democratic view of Republican President Bush’s term of office.

During the presentation, McAuliffe told students that due to Bush’s mismanagement of the country, 70 percent of college graduates will not be able to find a job upon graduation. He also told students that if the war in Iraq continues as it has, there could be a reinstatement of the draft.


According to school Superintendent Lyonel Tracy, McAuliffe was allowed to speak to the students by Principal Forrest Ransdell as a civic lesson.

"If other representatives contacted us, we would act similarly," Tracy said. "To deprive our kids of the opportunity of seeing democracy in action would be a disservice to them. The trick is that we don’t exploit these kids for their own partisan agendas."

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