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Thursday, January 8
Anti-Terrorist = Anti-Humanitarian

Since 1993, the US has ponied up $1.3 billion in aid to the Palestinians. The least they could do is promise not to use the money to support terrorism. No can do:

Palestinian organizations are refusing to accept U.S. foreign aid this year, rather than sign a pledge promising that the money will not be used to support terrorism.


James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, said that the refusal to sign the pledge should not be seen as support for terrorism, rather that in Palestinian society it is politically expedient to reject the funds than endure the tremendous political pressure they will face for signing the pledge.

"This is not clearly understood in the United States," said Mr. Zogby. "The idea of providing no 'material support' is such a broad brush stroke, it compromises the ability of the humanitarian organizations to function."

He said making Palestinian organizations judge who is and who is not a terrorist is a prescription for creating civil war in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

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