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Sunday, September 21
Guns and a salad bar

The Washington post (which was delivered on time throughout the hurricane, by the way), has a great story in its this week's magazine about North Dakota, my home state. It's actually a very good story, focusing on rapidly decaying small town prairie churches. But like all stories about North Dakota by non-midwesterners, it is filled with a kind a good-hearted amazement that the place exists at all and wonderment at the quirks of life there. My favorite example of this wonderment from this article is easily this:
he red scoria ended up back on pavement near Amidon, population 24, the Slope County seat and the smallest county seat in America. Amidon is big enough, however, to have a wonderful, quirky restaurant in an old filling station called Georgia's and the Owl. There we ate delicious chicken-fried steak, blackened filet and an amazing venison burgundy stew. To enter the dining room (which is decorated with, among other things, mannequins dressed in Victorian garb) you had to pass through a smoky room full of hunters in camouflage and blaze orange. The salad bar was situated next to a table that was piled high with rifles.

I can see it now.
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[b][url=][/url][/b] When anyone bids on an item within the penny public sale the amount of time still remaining to bid will enhance. This could certainly make successful tough as being the winner just is not established merely by how much revenue was bid but entirely on who the former person that bids is. The critical issue to results is taking care of your bids and established boundaries.

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[b][url=][/url][/b] Check your weekly inhaler use and tally the quantity of times you will need to work with it to manage an attack. Should your information start out to indicate you may need the inhaler additional than two times weekly, your environment could possibly be causing you difficulties or your asthma will not be becoming managed and also it could be. The frequency of utilization of your inhaler can provide you with an notion about your surroundings and also the really need to observe them..

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