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Monday, September 22
Iran to "scale back" cooperation with UN nuclear regulators

Iran has announced it will "scale back" its cooperation with the UN's nuclear watchdog in response to a deadline of October 31 set for its full compliance. Very few people believe Iran's claims that it wants nuclear technology only for energy, not the Washington Post, not The Economist, and certainly not your humble correspondent. The evidence suggests that the uranium they have has been enriched beyond the point required solely for energy, and Iran has other, less costly energy resources.

So what's to blame? Why, we are, of course. At least according to The Guardian:
The Bush administration's ham-fisted, provocative policies, deeply hypocritical in terms of its own nuclear arms and its neglected NPT disarmament obligations, make proliferation more, not less likely, not only in Iran but also in states like North Korea. Given Iraq's fate, what confidence can Iran have that any level of UN inspection will satisfy the US? Or that Washington will ever soften its overtly hostile stance?
It is hard to know where to start with this sort of drivel, but let me offer just one thought to our friends across the sea: Iran is out of compliance with the UN nuclear apparatus, not any unilateral US apparatus. The English left pilloried Blair and the US for working without the UN in Iraq; now Iran flounts the UN and we get blamed. Ah, the easy intellectual life of an angry European liberal - there's no need to analyze anything, because everything is the United States' fault. To paraphrase PJ O'Rourke, they're like a cook with one recipe: toss the salad, toss the steak, toss the dessert . . .
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