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Thursday, October 2
Strange Days at the Judiciary Committee

But now for something that actually matters. The Washington Times is reporting the the Senate Judiciary Committee is falling all over itself with praise for a nominee to the Eastern District of New York who has the unique distinction of receiving the rating of "not qualified" from every one of the 15 ABA committee members who evaluated her. Chuck Schumer, the nominees biggest support, has referred to the ABA ranking as the "gold standard by which judicial candidates are judged." The nominee, state Judge Dora Irizarry, was referred to as "gratuitously rude." She "flew off the handle in a rage for no apparent reason," and "did not fully listen to attorney's legal arguments." Finally, she "did not have a good grasp fo the legal issues presented to her."

The Times reports that Patricia Hines, who evaluated Judge Irizarry for the ABA, bottom-lined this well saying "In my service on the committee, I have either conducted or reviewed literally hundreds of reports on judicial nominess. I have never before experienced such widespread negative comments about a nominee's temperament."

The is a majority Republican committee people. This is the majority Republican Senate that left Estrada hanging out to dry for over a year.
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