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Wednesday, October 1
This is my first posting and I hope I'm not too out of line in my format or topic selection. Please let me know if I am.

I'm not worried about Dean or any other anti-war Democrat and here's why. Bush has a huge amount of money for his campaign. If anybody is smart on his re-election team (and they are) they will think of spending some of it running the following type of commercial: "Man/woman on the street in Iraq/Afghanistan". Of course the people they choose will be screened and their "testimony" will be slightly scripted. The ideal comercial, at least in my simple conception, would have a series of people in one of these countries saying how much better life has become since GWB took action. Each clip would be fairly brief and end with a line like, "Thank you George Bush. Thank you America." Can you imagine the power of several formerly oppressed women mentioning how much better life is now? Or young children going to school for the first time? Or families reuniting after years of political terrorism in Iraq? Or the testimony of the Iraqi governing council embracing their new freedom?

Our media ignores all the horrors that Bush has ended and amplifies the problems we now face. The complaints coming from the Democrats seem so trivial compared to the obstacles that people in these other countries have to deal with and that Bush has helped them overcome. The bottom line, Dean's complaints about Ashcroft and Bush are trivial next to the real oppression that exist in the world.

By the way a great article that describes the problem of western liberals to understand real oppression was written by Tom Wolfe, "The Roccoco Marxist".
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