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Tuesday, June 22
And now for something completely different

First there was Washingtonienne, now there's Botswanienne, a new blog run by a friend of mine. Currently, she's blogging her way through Africa, trying to avoid being eaten by lions, which makes for quite interesting reading - you should check it out.

In the meantime, I won't regale you with stories, tempting though it may be, because she appears to want to remain anonymous. I will, however, make two predictions. First, Botswanienne will agree with the political views expressed here at RAD about as often an Clemson wins basketball games in Chapel Hill, that is, it hasn't happened yet and you shouldn't expect it anytime soon. Second, her blog will continue to be full of pithy tidbits of wisdom like this one:
Don't pitch your tent under a tree or a vervet monkey might pee on your head.
Welcome to the blogosphere, Botswanienne. And, even more importantly, welcome to the incredibly exclusive RAD blogroll.
You, Tom!

Thanks for the welcome and the promo, baby. All is copacetic here in Cape Town, where I'm shacking up with a friend before heading back to Zimbabwe on July 12 & hitting the road to Nairobi. Drop me a line at your leisure.



p.s. I'm currently in an internet cafe which is, improbably, playing Rachmaninoff. Da.
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