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Friday, October 15
A little commentor love
There's a tight relationship for me between blogging and being an aspiring academic. I write for lots of reasons, but a big one is the hope that someone will find what I write worth reading. One of the great fears of academics, I think, is that we do nothing but, as a friend once said, spend our time painting the corner of a dark closet. You write stuff and it just sort of disappears into the ether. So when we get comments on this blog, like the few we've received from cyouincourt007, it really makes you want the best for those who wrote them. They were after all, wise enough to see the value in your work. Which is why I hope this picture from cyouincourt007's blog is a self-portrait.
Thank You For The Kind Words Sir and I Wish The Best For You and Yours.Thanks for the link to my blog : )
Although that was not a pic of me u linked I have placed one on blog of myself with some sweeties. I urge all to check it out... Thanx & c yaaaaaaaa
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