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Thursday, November 11
An excellent start
in almost every way: Bush Nominates His Top Counsel for Justice Post. With his background and the newly more Republican Senate, I think his confirmation is less something to fear than something to endure. And it may offer an opportunity to clear away some of the foolishness surrounding the legality of the Patriot Act and the Guantanamo Bay detentions. For example, he may be able to finally convince people that there is a difference between the Patriot Act and the Guantanamo Bay detentions. If Fox News viewers are morons because they don't see Iraq completely accurately, aren't the NPR, PBS, and MSM viewers morons because they think the Patriot Act has anything to do with Guantanamo?

Who has claimed there to be a LEGAL connection? The claims I've heard are, rather, that their is an IDEOLOGCIAL connection. Depriving citizens of constitutionally protected rights on the one hand, depriving non-citizens of rights protected by a treaty were a signatory party to on the other.
I assume the reference to a "treaty" is to the Third Geneva Convention relating to prisoners of war. I'm sure that our anonymous poster did his or her homework and knew that the Convention protect only regular forces and identifiable militias. Our friends in Guantanomo are neither. They are terrorist irregular forces. Had they ever been subject to the Convention's protection, that protection would have been forfeit, in accordance with the Convention, by such prohibited tactics as false surrender, human shields, etc. As unprotected combatants, we can do what we like, including shoot them. Sending them on an extended Carribean vacation doesn't sound so bad after all.
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